Lazer Lamps Triple-R 750 Standard vs Elite

Lazer Lamps Triple-R 750 Standard vs Elite


Lazer Lamps Triple-R 750 Standard vs Elite


had a chance to drive our usual test road with Lazer Lamps Triple R 750 Standard and Elite lights back to back I thought I write a bit about why I thought as the answer to which I preferred wasn’t as obvious as I’d though.

I thought I’d have preferred the Elite lights right away, I’m always chasing more light. However after trying quite a few lights I’ve come to realise it’s not always about the amount of light and is often more about the beam pattern.

Despite looking very similar in appearance the beam pattern from the Standard and Elite is quite different. The Standard has a left to right spread of 19° whereas the Elite has a 42° spread. The up and down spread of light for the Standard is 18° compared to the Elite’s 13°, the 5° difference made more of a difference than I was expecting.

 Standard top, Elite bottom

The Elite lights have a brighter hot spot in the middle while also lighting the sides of the road a bit more as well.

Which should you choose?

I think most people would be more than happy with the Standard lights, I’m also a fan of the backlight function that they have as it looks quite good having the lights lit up all the time. My daily setup is 2x Triple R 750 Standards with a Linear 18 Elite, because of the width of the Linear the additional light that the Triple R 750 Elite puts out to the sides wasn’t really noticeable.

If I were only going to run a pair of Triple R 750 lights I’d go for the Standard, I preferred the smoother light and I missed the extra up and down spread.

As I said at the start, I though the Elite would be the clear choice. I’m always after as much light as possible but the more lights I try the more I learn about what I think works best. Massive lumen outputs are only good if the light is useful, I tried Stedi’s Type X Sport lights and while they had an impressive lumen count and boasted light to 1KM I really didn’t enjoy driving with them due to the focussed hotspot.

Hopefully the video will help you decide which light would suit you better. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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