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We are selling one our demo lights as we like to try as many of Lazers products as we can to help you pick the right lights. 

We’ve used the light for around a year and now it’s time to try the Elite+

Now for the really good bit, during our testing we may have been a bit rough and there may have been some cosmetic issues with the light, Lazer have been kind enough to replace it for us so it’s a brand new light. 

A world first, utilising patent-pending technology, the Linear-18 Elite with Intelligent Low Beam Assist redefines the performance and functionality of auxiliary LED driving lights. A combination of the latest high-efficiency LEDs delivers a finely-tuned beam pattern, optimised for road use, that is simply unrivalled considering the lamps slimline proportions. Additionally, through the adoption of 2 photoelectric sensors embedded within the driving light, when the high beam light is turned off, the transition from high beam driving lights is significantly enhanced as the lamp maintains higher levels of illumination in zones where there is confirmed no oncoming vehicles or obstacles.

Incorporating an arrangement of 48 LEDs, each lamp produces an incredible 18,000 raw lumen, nearly 50% more than the market-leading Linear-18 Elite. The superior light output on the one hand delivers exceptional distance illumination with 1 lux at 522m, and on the other an incredible 60 degrees of left/right spread for our safest and most relaxing night drive experience. With the Intelligent Low Beam Assist mode activated, when transitioning from your high beam driving lights, the high intensity LEDs (delivering the distance illumination) are immediately deactivated when the standard high beams are turned off. Superior levels of visibility at the side of the road in the short/mid-range are maintained as the lamp monitors progress of oncoming traffic. At the appropriate point additional illumination at either side of the road is deactivated to avoid disturbance to oncoming vehicles. Once the vehicle has past (and after a short delay), the lamp automatically reactivates lighting at the side of the road, (assuming no additional vehicles or obstacles are subsequently detected ahead), or returns to full output if the driver subsequently reactivates the high beam driving light function (either manually or if part of any vehicle’s auto-headlights function).

Each sensor within the lamp monitors road conditions over 30x per second, for performance and functionality which feels safe and reliable. Continuous recalibration of these sensors ensures that the lamp responds to changing environmental conditions while in use; be that changing weather conditions, or the lamp getting obstructed by dirt, dust, snow etc. During the transition phase from high to low beam, the lamp also responds to other light emitting objects ahead of the driver including: medium/large road signs, street lighting, and other reflective obstacles. A carefully selected delay on the reactivation of lighting at the side of the road prevents any potentially distracting ‘flashing’ on/off of the lights that might otherwise occur in certain environments. The addition of a secondary switch, on the supplied wiring kit, allows for the Intelligent Low Beam Assist function to be disabled if specific circumstances demand.

The lamp is ECE certified to Regulation 112 as a high beam driving light, and through dual-output E-Boost technology the light output can be increased above ECE Reg112 limits when off-road, or where specific country-law allows. The Intelligent Low Beam Assist function is not an approved low beam driving light, but is patent-pending technology designed to smooth the transition from your high beam driving lights. The forementioned secondary switch allows deactivation of the function where the laws of the country specifically don’t allow use.

Like all Lazer products, the Linear-18 Elite with Low Beam Assist has been designed and manufactured in the UK to exacting standards, both in terms of performance, reliability, and appearance. Boasting a contemporary design, with refined highlights, this is a product that stands out and impresses on any vehicle, at anytime of day or night. Backed up by our comprehensive 5-year warranty, and Lifetime Lens Guarantee, this is a product you can have confidence will last for years in even the harshest environments.

18000 Lumens

135 Watts

1 lux at 522m

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