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The latest offering from Lazer in the Triple-R ranger, the 750 Wide. 

the same size and styling as the 750 but with a wider, less intense beam pattern. 

4320 Lumens

1 Lux to 293m


The Triple-R products were designed for long range performance, primarily for the motorsport market, and then subsequently adapting that technology for road customers. However, with these high candela/intensity levels of output (i.e. long range beam patterns), comes the challenge of ‘Keeping it Legal’. The standard Triple-R 750 has an E-mark reference of 35, which often renders it not suitable for our customers in European countries where the combined limit of the vehicle including existing headlights must be under 100.

The Triple-R 750 Wide is our latest solution to these challenges.  We have gained a lower reference on the Triple-R 750 Wide through reducing the peak intensity, in other words reducing the distance of illumination in favor of a wider beam pattern. Achieving a lower E-mark reference of 20, without the higher costs associated with our Elite models, makes the Triple-R 750 Wide an affordable solution where the lower reference is required. Based on feedback from key customers for this product, we've also removed the integrated white/amber PL function, which enables us to hit a lower price point on the 750 Wide compared to a 750 'Standard' - £200/€235 (versus £215/€260). It’s virtually identical in appearance to its counterparts but engineered to provide the optimal balance of illumination for a wide comprehensive road coverage, ensuring safety and optimum visibility without glare. 

The Triple-R 750 Wide not only provides a solution to some of the legal challenges our customers may face in Europe but also offers a great solution for customers that simply value a wider beam pattern, as opposed to the ‘spot’ beam pattern of the standard Triple-R 750. This launch reflects our ongoing dialogue with you, our valued dealers, and the community at large. We've listened and responded with a product that not only ensures we always offer a solution to meet legal standards but also upholds the incredible quality and market leading levels of performance you've come to expect from us. 


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