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MetaTrak S7 Vehicle Tracker

MetaTrak S7 Vehicle Tracker

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Metatrak S7 Thatcham approved vehicle tracker supplied and fitted.

The best chance of getting your vehicle back if it’s stolen.

All the features of the Metatrak Shield

  • Know where your employees are

  • Set mileage notifications for servicing

  • Set speed alerts

  • Driver scores to keep on top of employee driving

  • See real time traffic around your employees to help plan routes

  • Set alerts for idle time to reduce wasted fuel

  • Use geofencing to track when vehicles enter or leave an area

  • Keep track of mileage covered

  • See the location of all vehicles at the same time (web only)

  • App for mobile use

Plus 24/7 access to a Secure operating centre.

In the event of discovering your vehicle stolen you should:

1) Call our Secure Operating Centre (SOC) 
the SOC will commence tracking the vehicle.

2) Contact the Police to report the theft and
obtain a Crime Reference Number (CRN).

3) Call the SOC immediately to provide them with
your CRN, the SOC will then liaise with the
Police directly to locate your vehicle.


Price includes first year subscription and fitting at our Edinburgh workshop, Subscription from £100 per year

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